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I remember my childhood pastor asking me a shocking question one day: “Have you ever thought about being a pastor when you grow up?” I thought he was crazy! Me? The guy who relentlessly picked on his brother and sister? The guy who had more than a few trips to the principal’s office? I was pretty sure my pastor must have mixed me up with someone else. Besides, I was passionate about my other future plans. You know; I had to be a star in the NFL, the NBA, and make the diving, run-saving catch for the third out to win the World Series. Me, a pastor? No way!

But here I am, a pastor. And I love it! It turns out that those things that I thought would keep me from becoming a pastor have actually been very helpful. I’m just a real person—very real. I know what it means to get in trouble, struggle, and face challenges. So I know how important God’s loving kindness is. I also still have that passion burning inside of me. Now it’s a passion to share how Jesus is the star who made the soul-saving sacrifice to win heaven for us.

That’s me in a nutshell. I’m a real, passionate guy who happens to be a pastor. And I’d be happy to meet you and help you in any way I can.




Let me share a little about life outside of church. I married my high school sweetheart, Natalie, in 1998. She is an example of God only giving the best gifts! The Lord has richly blessed our marriage with three adorable (most of the time) and active (always) children: Zachary, Amelia, and Sophia. I love spending my time driving my children to practices, lessons, and games. And (when I do get a free moment) I enjoy doing anything that involves the outdoors—woods, water, trails, sports, and the BBQ grill!


1994: Graduated High School from Michigan Lutheran Seminary as class speaker
1998: Graduated College from Martin Luther College with honors (Bachelor of Arts)
2002: Graduated Seminary from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary with honors (Master of Divinity)
2002: Assigned as Pastor to Zion Lutheran Church—Valentine, NE
2007: Installed as Lead Pastor at Peace Lutheran Church—Otsego, MI
2014: Installed as Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church—Hastings, MN


Having spent my childhood in the North Woods of Wisconsin, I couldn’t feel more at home here in Minnesota.  My wonderful wife Andrea had the same experience growing up, so we both love being outdoors no matter the time or temp of the year. 

We also love watching and helping our son, Levi, experience it for the first time as well.  A big part of our family life centers on taking care of the special (and I mean that in so many ways!) child God gave us in Levi.  He was born with some pretty severe challenges but never stops making us laugh and teaching us about life.

When it comes to hobbies n’ such I guess you could say I enjoy people.  Yep, I guess I am a people watcher.  It fascinates me to meet and get to know God’s intricate handiwork in each unique person.  And I hope I get the chance to chat with you over a cup of coffee someday soon.

But while my love for people led me to become a pastor, its God’s love for people that keeps me one.  There’s no greater joy than sharing with someone the amazing and lasting love of God that reached down into our dying world and paid the price to rescue us from sin; whether I get to do that in church or around a hospital bed; whether it’s to a group of people during bible study or to just a friend over coffee. 

And I hope someday it can be with you!


1999: Graduated High School from Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, WI
2003: Graduated College from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN (Bachelor of Arts)
2005: Served as Vicar (one-year internship) at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Beaver Dam, WI
2007: Graduated Seminary from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Thiensville, WI (Master of Divinity)
2007: Assigned as Pastor to Apostles Lutheran Church in Billings, MT
2012: Installed as Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Hastings, MN